Jiu jitsu expert praises Elon Musk’s ‘epic’ skills after training session

Clearly, Elon Musk is taking this bizarre blockbuster bout seriously, as he's been hitting the practice mats with a popular Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt.

by | Published on 28th Jun 2023

Elon Musk is clearly taking this bizarre blockbuster bout against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seriously.

Pictures have surfaced online of the Tesla CEO hitting the practice mats with a popular Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt.

And let’s face it, you don’t hire the best unless you’re serious about winning.

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As hard as you may find it to believe, Musk’s trainer has praised his strength and skills.

“I did an impromptu training session with Elon Musk for a few hours yesterday,” black-belt podcaster Lex Fridman said.

“I’m extremely impressed with his strength, power, and skill, on the feet and on the ground.”

Although Fridman was ‘extremely impressed’ with Musk’s ability, it’s worth noting that he’s also trained with Zuckerberg.

While it would be easy to note the conflict of interest here, Fridman has stated he would prefer it if the pair didn’t end up trading blows.

“It was epic. It’s really inspiring to see Elon and Mark doing martial arts, but I think the world is served far better if they train martial arts but not fight in the cage,” Fridman said.

“That said, as Elon says, the most entertaining outcome is the most likely… I’m there for them, no matter what.”

It appears Fridman isn’t the only one offer Musk his support.

Musk has in fact received a sensational offer from UFC legend Georges St-Pierre to help him prepare for the blockbuster bout.

“Elon Musk I’m a huge fan of yours and it would be an absolute honor to help you and be your training partner for your challenge against Zuckerberg,” St-Pierre tweeted.

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Musk decided to take him up on the offer.

Wise move, seen as St-Pierre is a former welterweight and middleweight UFC champion.

No surprise many regard him to be one of the greatest MMA fighters to enter the octagon.

Irrespective of who trains Musk, he’s got a task on his hands if he’s to beat his Meta CEO roval who trains in both MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu.



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