Elon Musk’s Hyperloop could be the fastest means of transport in the world

He says it will reach 760mph.

by | Published on 14th Oct 2022

The Hyperloop, an ultra-futuristic speed train that Elon Musk is working on, could soon become the fastest means of transport in the world.

That’s certainly what the eccentric CEO of SpaceX, The Boring Company, and Tesla wants.

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We all know that Musk is prone to over-exaggerating projections and targets.

But in theory, the Hyperloop is capable of achieving 760 mph.

And that would automatically make it the fastest means of transport in the world.

Not including military vehicles, of course.


Having said that, reaching a top speed of 760 mph would be extremely difficult.

For starters, you’d need a very long tunnel to have enough space to ‘take off’, reach the top speed and then slow down without harming anyone on board.

This brings us to another major issue: Musk’s engineers would have to figure out a way to make the journey smooth and seamless.

As things stand, the fastest train in the world can reach a 300-mph top speed.

The problem is the Hyperloop isn’t even a train as we know it.

It uses a vacuum-style system and magnets to transport pods full of people inside a giant tunnel.

So far, prototypes for the Hyperloop have been tested by The Boring Company and Virgin at speeds of up to 240 mph.

And Musk has even allowed people to drive their Tesla inside the tunnel to try it out.

He first came up with the idea nearly 10 years ago.

But we know Musk’s companies regularly take [much] longer than expected to deliver their products.

With that in mind, the Hyperloop is unlikely to enter production before the end of the decade.



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