These tuning fails are so epic they’re hard to believe

From the 'Liam NISSAN' to a Toyota sedan with eight (!) wheels, these are the craziest DIY mods we've ever seen on the road.

by | Published on 23rd Feb 2023

Not everyone can or wants to work with Brabus or Novitec and it shows.

These people tried to customize their cars with some DIY mods and it didn’t go too well.

Epic tuning fails: Disney character in real life

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We’ve all watched the animated Disney Pixar movie CARS but this guy must’ve watched it one time too many.

There’s a character in the movie named ‘Wingo’.


As the name suggests, Wingo has a massive wing that makes the car taller than a Ford truck.

This Toyota Celica owner clearly loved this character, which explains the enormous spoiler at the back.

We’re not sure it works but hey, to each their own, right?


Using an unassuming Nissan sedan as a starting point, this guy turned his car into a Liam Neeson tribute.

He aptly renamed his car ‘Liam NISSAN’.

There’s a massive sticker on the windshield and a plethora of Liam Neeson posters and pictures on the hood.

We’re not sure where this guy is going with this, maybe he’s just a big Neeson fan.

But one thing’s for sure: this car will look for you, and it will find you.

Sorry we had to include that quote somewhere.

Epic tuning fails: Chevy CamarGOLD

Somebody took a stock Chevy Camaro, which is actually a pretty cool car, and ruined it with a tacky gold wrap.

To make things worse, they then added some massive ‘dish’ wheels, also painted gold.

Not only does this look horrid, it also makes the ride appalling.

Those wheels are probably 24 or 25 inches, and they’re wrapped around low profile tires so thin you can barely see them.

Not to mention they’re inches away from the wheel arches.

And yes, we are indeed going to blame it on the owner, not the color, because it didn’t have to be that bad.

But not all gold wraps are awful. Some actually turn out ok.

For example, check out this gold Camaro by Rohana wheels (above), it looks good, doesn’t it?

Hello Kitty Ferrari

Ferrari absolutely hates it – strong emphasis on the word ‘hate’ – when people mod its cars.

The company will send a cease and desist order, and then they’ll sue.

It’s happened before and celebs aren’t immune either: from Justin Bieber to DJ DeadMau5 and his 488 (pictured below), there’s a long list.

So we can only imagine what the Italian supercar maker must’ve thought after seeing this Ferrari 512 ‘Hello Kitty’.

The car is painted pink and festooned with Hello Kitty stickers.

To top it all off, you’ve got a customized Hello Kitty badge on the grille and a ‘HLOKTY’ number plate.

One thing’s for sure: the owner won’t be able to buy a brand-new Ferrari in the future.

Epic tuning fail: 8-wheeler Toyota

We should probably call this the ToyOTTO, because otto is Italian for ‘eight’.

That’s the number of wheels you’ll find on this Toyota Vios tuned by GridOto Modif.

The Vios is a bland sedan loosely based on the Yaris.

Mind you, there’s nothing bland about this Vios because it’s got Lambo doors and eight wheels.

At the back, you’ve got two wheels, one in front of the other, and then another one on top.

BMW ‘It’ll buff out’ Z3

This picture looks like it was taken at a dealer lot so we can only imagine what the listing looks like.

“BMW Z3 for sale, showing minor damage to the hood, just a small dent, it’ll buff out”.

We imagine something along those lines.

Whether the car starts or not, it clearly can’t be driven in these conditions, and taping up the hood with duct tape won’t cut it.



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