Stuntman attempts to backflip over 5 cars in death-defying video

Evgeny Chebotarev is making a name for himself doing some of the craziest stunts in the world.

by | Published on 15th Mar 2023

This is the moment a stuntman attempts to backflip over five cars.

His name is Evgeny Chebotarev and he’s making a name for himself doing crazy, and often dangerous stunts with cars.

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In this video, Chebotarev can be seen standing on a makeshift ladder about 10 feet tall, preparing for the lineup of cars that’s speeding toward him. 

The ladder is made of wood and designed to crumble as soon as a car first hits it. 

Once the five-car lineup reaches him, Chebotarev jumps into his backflip. 

He knows he has to get serious height under him, so he tucks his feet up and goes for it.

The five cars shoot past as Chebotarev’s still in the air and he lands with time to spare. 

The landing isn’t exactly what you’d call smooth, but the stunt’s a success, and Chebotarev certainly celebrates it as one.

In another video, Chebotarev is seen riding on a styrofoam brick on top of a car. 

The car he’s riding on is speeding toward another vehicle that’s propped up on cement bricks about eight feet in the air. 

As Chebotarev nears the blue vehicle, he gets ready to fly through the blue car’s back doors. 

It’s extremely dangerous, especially considering the speed they’re going. 

One wrong move or lapse in concentration could see him slamming into the side of the car face-first. 

Despite the risks, he goes for it, head first, and pulls it off successfully, and most importantly, without injury.

After Chebotarev makes it through the windows, we can see him grasping onto the back of the red car as one of his shoes goes flying.

In other videos, the Russian stuntman can be seen jumping into moving vehicles, diving underneath them, and even bracing as a van is dropped right on top of him. 

The guy has crazy talent and he’s as brave as they come, but we don’t want to stick around to see what happens when something goes wrong. 



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