Expert claimed Area 51 has secret aircraft testing base

  • The top-secret miliary base has sparked wild speculation and conspiracy theories over the years
  • Now a ‘research veteran’ has claimed there’s an even more secretive base hidden away
  • He says the super-classified base is used to test out new technology

Published on May 31, 2024 at 1:50 PM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on May 31, 2024 at 7:22 PM (UTC+4)
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An Area 51 expert claims there is a top-secret aircraft testing ‘base within a base’ that’s used by the military to test new technology. 

The U.S. Air Force military base, which is situated in a remote area of southern Nevada, has prompted wild speculation and weird conspiracy theories over the years due to its secretive status. 

In fact, it’s so elusive that the U.S. Government didn’t even acknowledge its name or existence until 2013. 

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Joerg Arnu has been collecting information about Area 51 since 1999 and runs the website – a forum for those interested in and knowledgeable about the military base. 

Some of those who contribute to the forum claim to be ex-Area 51 staffers – so Arnu believes the information shared is solid. 

Arnu – who calls himself an ‘Area 51 research veteran’ – actually lives on the outskirts of the site and claims the really secretive stuff is being carried out in a new hidden part of Area 51 – just north of the existing base buildings. 

Although the CIA has previously shared that Area 51 is a testing site, Arnu claims that it’s home to an even more classified testing site. 

Arnu referred to the unusual-looking Northup jet – known as the Tacit Blue – that was first tested in Area 51 in 1982 before being decommissioned three years later, and then eventually being unveiled to the public in 1996.

He believes the plane successfully being kept secret for more than a decade shows that other projects could be kept as equally under wraps.

Speaking to 8 News Now, Arnu said: “Look at some of the exotic planes, like the Tacit Blue that was developed in total secrecy, was flown in secrecy, then all of a sudden, they put it in a museum and said, yeah, we had this for a while.”

Commenting on what he believes might be going on at the highly classified site, Arnu added: “They are flying drones, obviously. The next step is how do we make drone communications more secure.”

“The really secretive stuff… they have a whole empty valley just north of Groom Lake, and they have the mountain range where they can pretty much play with anything they want. 

“It’s booming out there. Area 51 is not going anywhere.”

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