Watch the rarest Ferrari in the world get a much-needed detail

No matter how well you think you know your rare supercars, there's a very strong chance you've never heard of the Ferrari P4/5.

by | Published on 20th Feb 2023


No matter how well you think you know your rare supercars, there’s a strong chance you’ve never heard of the Ferrari P4/5.

There’s a good reason, too, because it’s rarer than rare.

So rare in fact, Ferrari didn’t even know about it until it was being built.

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The Ferrari P4/5 is the rarest, most unique street-legal Ferrari in the world.

It’s owned by Jim Glickenhaus, a collector and race car team owner, who also built it. 


Although it’s driven daily (sort of), it hadn’t been washed or detailed in about two or three years.

Yes, it got wiped down and spray waxed, but hadn’t actually been detailed or had its paint corrected for several years.

Not the disaster detail we usually write about, but definitely a satisfying video to watch nonetheless, as it definitely needed paint correction.


Before that could happen, the guys at AMMO NYC had to pressure wash the exterior to blow off the top layer of dirt and dust.

They cover the car in snow foam, then set about cleaning the wheels, before washing the paint and getting at the tight areas with a brush.

With the hood propped open using an aluminum rod, the next task was to carefully clean the engine components.


Attention was then turned to the interior of the Ferrari P4/5, which showed plenty of signs of usage.

It only has a small cockpit, so it didn’t take too long to fix up before the paint correction process could begin.

That involved machine polishing the paint work, machine polishing the vast amounts of carbon fiber, with the same steps repeated on small carbon fiber interior elements, too.

The Ferrari P4/5 then received another coat of snow foam and a pressure wash to clear off any compound dust and oils that may have collected.

It was then given a coating of enamel protection applied to the paintwork which was a two-man job in itself.

All in all, it took two days to fully detail the rarest Ferrari in the world, but the results speak for themselves.

Jim Glickenhaus certainly thought so – just watch his reaction in the video.



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