FILA serves flaming hot pizza sneakers dedicated to the best pizzerias in NYC

Published on Jul 30, 2022 at 4:24 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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FILA serves flaming hot pizza sneakers dedicated to the best pizzerias in NYC

FILA has just launched a unique collection of sneakers dedicated to the best pizzeria in New York City.

As far as sneakers go, this is probably one of the weirdest collections out there.

FILA is currently based in South Korea but it was originally founded in Italy and it also has a strong connection with American streetwear culture.

And when it comes to streetwear culture, very few cities in the world rival New York.

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The brand teamed up with Rubirosa Ristorante in Midtown Manhattan, Roberta’s in Brooklyn, sLICe Astoria in Queens, Louie & Ernie’s Pizza in The Bronx and Lee’s Tavern in Staten Island.

The goal was the capture the essence, the color, the personality and the flavor – so to speak – of each restaurant as well as each area.

Each pair of FILA pizza sneakers features custom prints and logos and, of course, they all come in a shoe box that looks a lot like a pizza box.

They’re exclusively available on

FILA x Rubirosa Ristorante (Manhattan)

The Rubirosa Ristorante pizza shop is located on Mulberry Street and is a family-run business.

The sneaker features mustard yellow outsoles with white midsoles, while the rest of the shoe combines mustard yellow with red stripes and green.

Red, yellow, and green, pretty on brand when it comes to pizza.

FILA pizza sneakers with Roberta’s (Brooklyn)

Roberta’s is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn and is the go-to place for the traditional Neapolitan pizza in New York City.

The recipe, both literally and metaphorically, is relatively simple, as is the sneaker.

These FILA pizza sneakers feature only two colors, white and red.

And ‘Roberta’s’ inscriptions cover the entire sneaker from the tip to the heel.

FILA x sLICe (Queens)

This sneaker was designed in macadamia, with dark orange and black accents, along with square prints that are vaguely reminiscent of a traditional Italian tablecloth.

In addition to that, you’ll find FILA and sLICe branding on the tongue as well as on the heel.

FILA x Louis & Ernie’s (The Bronx)

These sneakers have the words ‘Italian’ and ‘tradition’ written all over them, with a green, white and red color combo.

The unofficial mottos of the pizzeria are also present, with an inscription on the midguard that reads ‘Sorry, cash only and no delivery’.

FILA x Lee’s Tavern (Staten Island)

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This pair is a bit different.

They’re a tribute to the tavern on Staten Island and they’re the only mid-top sneaker in the collection.

They’re all-white, with leather and suede, and have the logo on the tongue – ‘Lee’s Tavern Est 1940’.

Oh, and they have an oh so fashionable transparent sole.


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