First photos of new PS5 confirm widespread rumors

Emerging images reveal the new PlayStation 5 detachable disc drive needs internet connectivity
  • First photos of the new and original PS5 side-by-side have emerged
  • The new PS5 is both slimmer and shorter than its predecessor
  • It appears the detachable disc drive needs an internet connection

Published on Nov 1, 2023 at 4:14PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 3, 2023 at 3:26PM (UTC+4)

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The slimmer new PS5 and the original PS5 side-by-side

The first photos of the slimmer new PS5 and the original PS5 side-by-side have apparently emerged.

With the launch of the slimmer PlayStation 5 set for this month, the intriguing images dropped on an X account yesterday (31 October).

And they appear to confirm what gamers have been suspecting.

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That’s that the new PlayStation 5’s detachable disc drive needs an internet connection.

One lucky gamer appears to have already got their mitts on the updated PS5 console.

Taking to X, phantompainss‘ since deleted post showed the new PS5 next to its bulkier predecessor.

At first glance it’s slimmer and a few inches shorter than the standard PS5 console.

But eagle-eyed gamers will also have noticed something else.

That despite being scaled down, the back of the tech seems to have the same ports as its standard forebear.

These include a HDMI port, two USB ports, a power connector and an ethernet port.

That clears that up then.

One of the deleted pictures shows a notification.

“Can’t use your disc drive. You need to connect your PS5 to the network to register your disc drive to your PS5,” it says.

This has fans convinced that the PS5’s detachable disc drive requires an internet connection during setup.

Rumors are only surrounding pairing the console to the disc drive once.

However, concerns were raised about users accessing the drive if Sony decides to down authentication servers for the PS5 and its disc drive.

This is something they believe is a real possibility with Sony to stop selling the existing console.

The PS5 with disc drive will cost $499.99.

The digital version is set at $449.99.

The new console has been nicknamed the PS5 Slim.

And despite it costing more than the standard model, fans argue the additional price is worth it.

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