Five reasons why the new McLaren 750S is better than its predecessor

Will the new flagship McLaren 750S be a worthy successor to the 720S? Here are five reasons we think it's actually better than the outgoing supercar.

by | Published on 26th Apr 2023

After six years, it’s time to say goodbye to the McLaren 720S.

While it’s a bittersweet moment, as the 720S is a phenomenal supercar, the flagship McLaren 750S has been unveiled as a worthy replacement. 

On the surface it doesn’t look wholly different to the 720S, but more than 30 percent of the car is new or upgraded, so let’s take a look at how it’s better.

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1. It’s the lightest series-production McLaren ever

The McLaren 750S arrives as the marque’s lightest series production model yet.

Remarkably, the 750S is 30kg lighter than its predecessor, tipping the scales at a lightest possible dry weight of 1,277kg (coupe form).

This is thanks to its advanced carbon fiber monocoque approach taken to each and every component.

Details include carbon fiber-shelled racing seats and new alloy wheels, the lightest ever fitted as standard on a series-production McLaren.

2. It’s also the most powerful 

McLaren’s already powerful twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine has been further developed with higher turbo boost pressure and a new twin fuel pump.

That mill now produces 740bhp and 590lb ft of torque, a power increase of 30bhp and 22lb ft over the 720S. 

Also new to the 750S are the shortened gear ratios from the 765LT, making acceleration even more potent than before.

The 0-100km/h (0-62mph) sprint comes in the same 2.8 seconds, but 0-200km/h (0-124mph) now happens in 7.2 seconds, a whole six tenths quicker than then 720S.

Given the shorter ratios, top speed decreases from 341km/h (212mph) to 331km/h (206mph).

3. The McLaren 750S is more aerodynamic than the 720S

Fans of the 720S will recognise its successor, but the McLaren 750S refines the design with a host of aerodynamic tweaks.

These include an extended front splitter, narrower eye-socket intakes and a striking, central-exit exhaust inspired by the McLaren P1.

There’s also a new, larger rear wing and new meshing to improve cooling.

4. It features the newest generation of McLaren’s acclaimed linked-hydraulic suspension

The third iteration of McLaren’s Proactive Chassis Control linked-Hydraulic suspension makes its debut on the 750S.

Its lightweight springs are three percent softer at the front and four percent stiffer at the rear, while at the same time saving 2kg.

The dampers have also been revised, with new geometry setting designed to improve overall response and stability.

5. It gets new driver-focused controls and displays

The McLaren 750S has a new mounted, lightened instrument display (saving 1.8kg) directly to the steering column.

It has switches on either side allowing the driver to alter driving modes without taking their hands off the wheel.

The McLaren Control Launcher (MCL) is another new technology that debuts on the 750S.

Activated using a button featuring the famous McLaren Speedmark, MCL allows the driver to personalize their driving experience by storing a bespoke dynamic preference.

McLaren 750S price

Although the McLaren 750S is available to order now, the British luxury automaker has yet to confirm pricing.

Expect there to be a 10 percent uplift over the 720S coupe’s $310,500 and Spider’s $326,500 respective price tags.



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