Inside Dubai’s famous Floating Seahorse Villas

The Floating Seahorse Villas sit off the coast of Dubai and make an incredible $5 billion floating city in the middle of the sea.

by | Published on 6th Apr 2023

These are Dubai’s famous Floating Seahorse Villas. 

There are 133 of them and together they make up a $5 billion floating city in the middle of the sea. 

With everything from underwater bedrooms to private coral reefs, these villas are designed for true ocean lovers.

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The floating villas are located 3.2km (1.9 miles) off the coast of Dubai – in the middle of Dubai’s World Islands – so they’re extremely private and protected from crashing waves. 

Created by the Kleindienst Group, each floating villa is three stories tall and offers 4,000 square feet of living space.

Two levels sit above the water and the bottom level sits below the surface, completely submerged by seawater.

The middle level has a beautiful, expansive deck with a glass-bottom hot tub, mini bar, and an outside lounge that can be converted into a bed. 

Inside, there’s a kitchen, dining room, and a huge marble bathroom. 

The villas also have floor-to-ceiling glass windows, giving you unobstructed views out over the ocean from whichever room you’re in.

On the top floor, you’ll find your private master bedroom with views overlooking the famed World Islands. 

Below deck you’ll find an oasis, unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

The villa has an underwater bedroom that can be turned into an office or shared living space. 

The real draw card on this level is the floor-to-ceiling window that gives you a clear view of the sea life outside.

When you buy a Seahorse Villa, you also get a personalized coral reef built to surround your home. 

You can customize your coral reef too, choosing which sea life you want to attract to your villa. 

The villas start from around AED 20 million, which converts to about USD $5.5 million. 



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