Florida automotive shop builds a Tesla Model X Plaid Time Machine

  • Robert Selby and the team at The Shop in Florida have turned a Tesla Model X Plaid into a ‘Back To The Future’ Time Machine
  • The EV SUV has been fitted out with the hallmarks of Doc Brown’s legendary Time Machine, including a silvery wrap, an 80s grid on the tail lights, and various pipes and wires running along the bodywork
  • It even leaves huge strips of fire on the road as it goes

Published on Jan 20, 2024 at 8:57 PM (UTC+4)
by Adam Gray

Last updated on Jan 20, 2024 at 8:57 PM (UTC+4)
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Florida automotive shop builds a Tesla Model X Plaid Time Machine

The DeLorean is etched into our hearts for one reason: Back To The Future.

To be fair, the movie’s inspired its fair share of replicas of the car.

But a Florida automotive shop has taken a very different approach, building a tribute to Doc Brown’s Time Machine based on a Tesla Model X Plaid.

Watch the Tesla Model X Plaid leave strips of flames on the road as it goes!

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If you thought the guy who strapping three jet engines to the back of his Tesla was wild, or the woman who chopped her brand new Tesla to make a DIY ‘Truckla’ was shocking – this is a whole different ball game.

The man behind the futuristic machine is Robert Selby, owner of The Shop – an auto shop based is Bradenton, Florida.

A quick look at Selby’s Instagram shows he’s no stranger to unusual builds.

From modern tributes to classic movie cars, including an impressive Mad Max interceptor, Selby regularly takes to social media to show off his handiwork.

“I’ve always been a big pop culture and movie fan, and I’ve always been a car guy,” Selby told The Autopian.

But after a few ICE-powered builds, he decided it was time to go electric, and started building a Tesla Model X Plaid Time Machine.

“Most EV owners see them as appliances,” he said.

“I decided, let me get an EV and do something really stupid with it just for fun.”

So why did he choose a Tesla Model X Plaid as the basis for the build?

The answer: because it’s got rear gullwing doors that ape the function of the DeLorean’s own.

Selby added visual mods, including a silvery wrap, a cool-looking 80s grid on the tail lights, and various pipes and wires along the car’s bodywork.

It even has a set of “TMC’ badges, a faux Mr. Fusion, and a flux capacitor inside.

The best bit is, though; Selby doesn’t save the car for special occasions.

“It gets dailied and driven all over,” he said.

And despite bits hanging off the bodywork, he’s never had trouble with local law enforcement questioning the vehicle’s modifications.

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