Woman chops up her brand new Tesla to make DIY ‘Truckla’

Simone Giertz really wanted a Tesla pickup truck and wasn’t prepared to wait for Musk to release the (super delayed) Cybertruck. So she made her own.

by | Published on 26th Jul 2023

This woman just bought a brand new Tesla Model 3 and chopped it up to make a ‘Truckla’. 

Simone Giertz really wanted a Tesla pickup truck and wasn’t prepared to wait for Elon to release the (super delayed) Cybertruck

So, she made her own and the result is actually pretty epic.

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Giertz opted for the Tesla Model 3 “because it has a steel chassis, which is easier to fabricate for”. 

When the Model 3 arrived, Giertz said she had to take pretty drastic action to prevent herself from getting too attached to it. 

“Don’t look it in the eye, don’t give it a name… I’ve been thinking that I should key the trunk so I don’t get attached to it,” she said. 

So, she did just that.

“This feels awful, OMG it’s really the point of no return,” she said. 

“There’s no backing out now.” 

Giertz got to work stripping the car before “making the big cut”.

After basically chopping the back half of the car off, she sourced a rear window for the DIY pickup truck.

“It was really hard to find a rear window that would fit for our ‘Truckla’ since it’s so much more narrow than most trucks,” she said. 

With the back half of the car rebuilt into a pickup, Giertz was pretty impressed with her work. 

“It looks f***ing amazing,” she said. 

And with the lumber rack attached, we have to agree.

Turning the car into a truck also solved what Giertz described as one of the Model 3’s biggest issues. 

“One of the things about the Model 3 is you can’t see that much out of the rearview window, it has a lot of blind spots,” she said. 

“But now I can see everything, I think I can even look into the future through this mirror.” 

Since the build, Giertz has been using the DIY pickup truck as her daily drive.

And despite a few niggly bits, she says she’s stoked with it. 

“She’s a bit rattly because the truck bed’s not welded in and it’s not watertight,” she said. 

“So if it starts raining in the middle of the night, I have to run out in my pajamas and cover her. 

“And the tailgate isn’t working, but other than that, she’s great.”

You can watch the build process here!

And until the Tesla Cybertruck finally starts making its way to buyers, Giertz is still the only one on the road in a Tesla pickup truck

A pretty good-looking one too. 



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