Florida man tries to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a homemade hamster wheel

Published on Sep 06, 2023 at 1:01 PM (UTC+4)
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Florida man tries to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a homemade hamster wheel

This man was just stopped by the US Coast Guard trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a homemade hamster wheel. 

When the DIY vessel was discovered by the Coast Guard (USCG) 70 miles off Tybee Island, Georgia, the man revealed he was trying to walk his way from the US to the UK. 

The man behind the hamster wheel, Reza Baluchi, was less than impressed when authorities derailed his journey too.

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According to officers who stopped him, the homemade vessel was “manifestly unsafe”. 

“Based on the condition of the vessel, which was afloat as a result of wiring and buoys, USCG officers determined Baluchi was conducting a manifestly unsafe voyage,” they said. 

When the Coast Guard tried to convince Baluchi to abandon his international voyage, they were met with a fair bit of resistance. 

In fact, Baluchi refused to leave his homemade hamster wheel, triggering a two-day stand-off with Coast Guard officers. 

The USCG had to deliver food and other supplies to Baluchi while they negotiated his surrender. 

Meanwhile, officers were also trying to convince him of the danger he was in due to the hurricane that was about to hit. 

After two full days, Baluchi eventually agreed to hop on board the USCG boat and be taken back to shore. 

Apparently, this wasn’t his first attempt either.

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Baluchi reportedly tried to cross the Atlantic in different, but similar homemade vessels in 2014, 2016, and 2021 before this last attempt. 

Unfortunately for him, he was stopped by the Coast Guard every single time. 

So, we can understand his frustrations… to a certain extent.

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