This ultra-unique $218m Florida mega-mansion is on its own private island

  • One of the most expensive homes in the world is up for sale
  • It’s built on its own private island
  • This home has multiple pools, a guest apartment, and an elevator

Published on Nov 27, 2023 at 6:50 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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This ultra-unique $218m Florida mega-mansion is on its own private island

This Florida mansion is one of the most expensive houses in the world.

It’s built on the only private island in the whole of Palm Beach.

The designers spared no expense with this home, from the Italian marble used throughout to the multiple kitchens, including one made especially for a private chef.

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To ensure uninterrupted 360-degree views of the water and maximize privacy, this home was built on an island.

Tarpon Island is man-made, and only accessible by a private footbridge or boat.

Luckily the property comes with two docks.

It’s surrounded by lavish mansions but is clearly a cut above the rest.

Other properties in the area go for a relatively modest $40 million to $60 million, while this Florida mansion is priced at $218 million.

The architecture also stands out, being built in a colonial style while most homes here have a Mediterranean look.

Spread over 2.2 acres, the property boasts 11 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, and a five-car garage.

In case being completely surrounded by the intercoastal waterway wasn’t enough, there are two massive pools.

One is 98 feet long, with a hot tub on one end and a cold plunge pool on the other.

It even has a clay tennis court, one of only three tennis courts in Palm Beach that is allowed to have night lights installed.

This home is an entertainer’s dream, with three full-sized kitchens, and multiple bars dotted throughout.

One of the kitchens is designed especially for the private chef you’d no doubt employ if you had a house like this.

There is also a wine room, a walk-in freezer, a humidor cigar display, and a fully kitted out outdoor kitchen.

If lining every inch of every bathroom with Italian marble wasn’t enough, it’s all book matched too.

This is an incredibly expensive process of cutting and laying marble in symmetrical slabs.

The showers each feature crystal handles and six shower heads.

This, plus the toilets that cost $10,000 each, makes these bathrooms some of the most expensive in the world.

Even the laundry room features Italian marble for folding your clothes on.

Not that whoever owns this house will need to fold their own laundry.

Other noteworthy elements of the house include an entire apartment for guests, an elevator, a games room, and an office wing complete with an en-suite shower.

Currently, this property is still waiting for a buyer.

According to agent Chris Leavitt, this Florida mansion will probably be bought by someone who likes to collect rare things.

“It’ll be somebody who wants the only property like this,” he said.

“Someone who wants something that no one else has.”

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