Inside Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather’s incredible all-black supercar collection

The 15 major world championship winner just gave us a sneak peek inside his insane all-black car collection and wow.

by | Published on 24th May 2023

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has just given us a sneak peek inside his all-black supercar collection

And in true Mayweather style, he didn’t exactly shy away from gloating. 

“The Money Team got homes all over the planet. At this particular property it’s 17 cars in a 30-car garage,” he said.

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“The two other garages hold five cars each. I like to call it May Theft Auto.” 

The 15 major world championship winner said he was struggling to choose which car to take out because “we got so many choices”. 

So, while he made his decision, he took his fans through the insane collection. 

“Ferrari, Ferrari, we got Ferraris, we got Lambos, we got a lot of different Rolls-Royces, we got choices,” he said.

Then he opened his black Rolls-Royce to a beautiful electric blue interior with the iconic starlight roof. 

“We’ve got an original McLaren, we got the Aventador, we got the Rolls-Royce Dawn, we got the Bentley, another Rolls,” he said. 

Then he stopped at the next Rolls-Royce and unlocked it to show the Spirit of Ecstasy popping out of the hood. 

Mayweather then moved up the line, passed a Lamborghini Urus, and towards the next Rolls-Royce, this time a Cullinan with a bright yellow interior.

He actually shared a video of him driving it, in which the crazy bright interior is fully visible.

The former professional boxer then moved on to a Maybach and finally a G-Wagen, before making his decision. 

“Tonight I’m taking out that Phantom, that’s what we gonna do,” he said. 

He then opened the Rolls-Royce Phantom to reveal a beige interior with furry seat covers. 

So, it’s pretty evident Mayweather is a big Rolls-Royce fan. 

Not only did he gravitate towards each Rolls-Royce in the lineup, but he chose the Phantom above every other car in the collection, including some pretty impressive Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

His fans jumped at the chance to praise the fighter. 

“This is the reward of decades of hard work and dedication, domination of your craft. Show off on ‘em Floyd,” one woman said. 



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