Flying pyramid yacht flies above water and lets you sail in luxury

  • This flying pyramid yacht looks like it’s come straight out of Star Wars
  • It uses hydrofoil technology
  • It could soon be a reality

Published on Jun 07, 2024 at 4:44 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Jun 08, 2024 at 9:24 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Tom Wood

This flying pyramid yacht is taking luxury sailing into the future – and it looks pretty impressive.

A design firm from London, UK, has imagined a concept that could make scenes from a science fiction show a reality.

Official name ‘Tetra’, it’s been labeled the ‘flying pyramid’ because – well, look at it.

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How does the flying pyramid work?

The vessel uses hydrofoil technology to make it appear as if it’s flying above the water’s surface.

Designer, Jonathan Schwinge, has been inspired by the technology since the 1990s.

Hydrofoil designs use various hulls and vanes to lift off the surface of the water.

At low speed, the Tetra would use the three hulls on its underside.

But as its speed picks up, a torpedo-shaped foil will extend down from the hull allowing it to lift from the water.

With only a fraction of the ship touching the water compared to regular vessels, drag is almost entirely eliminated.

This means passengers can enjoy a smoother and faster ride than ever before.

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“The design is instigated by the re-thinking of the form, superstructure, and propulsion of the modern superyacht into a radically simple enclosure and an elevated mode of travel above the water line,’ designer, Jonathan Schwinge said in an interview with The Sun.

The speed of the flying pyramid

So how fast are we talking? While currently just a concept, Tetra is estimated to have a speed of roughly 28 km/h (17.2 mph) during take-off.

The carbon fiber and stainless steel behemoth will max out at 70 km/h (43.7 mph) above the water.

Other features of the superyacht

Its size is deceptive, however, as it would only be able to accommodate 10 people.

This number includes the crew – surprising when you consider that mid-sized superyachts require between eight and 20 crew members, per YPI Crew.

But don’t worry, there is more space to be had.

When docked, the futuristic superyacht will unfold three of its sides to form a sun deck with dining facilities and access to the water.

For the inevitable bad weather encountered on the high seas, the design also includes an auto-pilot ‘fly-by-light’ inspired by aviation technology.

While Tetra’s price is still TBC, you can peruse this tech billionaire’s $75 million superyacht that was spotted in San Francisco Bay.

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