Ford chops a Bronco in half to create a trailer and it’s dividing the internet

The creation is making some people very mad.

by | Published on 22nd Nov 2022

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. 

This is a Ford Bronco towing a DIY Ford Bronco trailer. 

And it’s going viral on social media.

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The photo was shared online by automotive photographer Larry Chen this week, garnering thousands of likes and comments. 

The insane creation was actually commissioned by Ford Performance and then built by a very talented man called Darin Spreadbury.


Spreadbury said he had only six weeks to build it before it went to Baja to do the NORRA 1000. 

“It was quite the task,” he said. 

The reaction to the build has been wild, with some gearheads even begging Spreadbury to make more. 

But that might be difficult considering some have been waiting months to get the Broncos they reserved.

That wasn’t lost on people in the comments section either. 

“Lol, people crying that are still waiting for their Bronco,” one said. 

“People are waiting for their deliveries and the Ford team is cutting cars in half to make trailers for themselves,” another said. 

In fact, there were so many people worried that Ford had actually taken a Bronco out of its reserve, that Chen addressed it in his post.

“This was a pre-production Bronco that was cut in half,” he said. 

“Pre-production trucks get crushed anyways, so why not?” 

Ford Bronco trailer details

The trailer was made from a 2-door Bronco prototype and it still has its stock electric parking brake which helps to keep everything steady. 

Speaking to supercarblondie.com, the man behind the build said “not only are the parking brakes intact, but the rear discs are fully functioning trailer brakes”.

Spreadbury also said it had an “electric over hydraulic brake controller”.

The trailer also carries a huge fuel cell that can still be filled from the stock fuel opening. 

And of course, the Ford Bronco Trailer has plenty of trunk space left over for storage.

Is this Ford Bronco for sale?

Unfortunately not. It’s currently very much spoken for and well-loved.

2023 Ford Bronco price 

The base two-door Bronco costs $33,000 but jumps to $53,000 for the Wildtrack model. 

Meanwhile, the 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor will cost over $75,000, and fully loaded you’re looking at $82,000. 



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