Watch this Ford Mustang go FLYING before crashing into the kerb

Shocking footage shows what happens when you overdo it and give your turbo-charged Ford Mustang more power and torque than it can handle.

by | Published on 14th Mar 2023

Can you do a wheelie with a muscle car?

The answer, as you can see from this clip, is yes.

In the video, a turbo-charged Ford Mustang literally takes off and starts flying before crashing into the kerb.

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So what exactly happened?

Well, the short answer is too much torque, combined with slick tires on a wet surface.

This turbo Mustang was taking part in a drag race and the driver overdid it.

The mechanics who modified the car overdid it, too.

Drag racing is all about acceleration but this clearly has too much torque and power.

The video only lasts a few seconds but keen-eyed muscle car fans will probably recognize the shape of a fourth-gen Mustang.

Why does it matter?

Because this is a rear-wheel drive car and that means that all torque and power is sent to the rear wheels only.

In addition to that, the car appears to be running on slick tires, the same kind of smooth tires that Formula 1 cars use.

And they don’t really work on wet tarmac.

As you can see from the clip, the car almost immediately loses traction before it goes flying.

Fortunately, as confirmed by J Malcom2004 in the video he shared, the driver emerged unscathed.

In some instances, performance cars designed for drag races use additional tiny wheels at the back.

This system is precisely designed to avoid wheelies or, even worse, a crash like the one we just saw here.

Food for thought for the owner of the Mustang.



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