Watch these guys transform a bike into a four-wheeler with REAPER wheels

Watch these guys transform a four-wheeler into a “zombie apocalyptic, Area 51 raiding machine”.

by | Published on 8th Mar 2023

Watch these guys transform a four-wheeler into a “zombie apocalyptic, Area 51 raiding machine”. 

Whistlin Diesel’s Cody Detwiler and his team pull some seriously crazy stunts, like buying a $400,000 Ferrari F8 just to destroy it and dropping a Toyota Hilux from 10,000 feet in the air

And this time’s no different.

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Ultimately, Detwiler decided his 4 wheeler just wasn’t up to scratch. 

“Like this thing doesn’t even have nine-foot-long razer blade spikes on it, so there’s obviously some major problems going on in the design factory,” he said.

So, he set about changing that and turning it into the ultimate four wheeler with reaper wheels.

First, he took the standard tires off and got straight to cutting massive spikes out of scrap metal and welding them onto the rims.

Then he spray painted them white with red tips for dramatic effect. 

“These things look ridiculous, they’re the most aggressive things you’ve ever seen,” he said in the video.

They don’t just look crazy, but these metal spikes are seriously dangerous too. 

“There’s a really high chance that if you slip off, your leg is going to get sucked under one of these and it’s going to rip your whole shin off,” he said. 

“This is quite insane.”

So, he’s under no illusions about the danger he’s putting himself in, but that doesn’t stop him. 

“There are no fender guards so if you slip once, you’re dead,” he said. 

With that, he climbs on and fangs it.

Apart from losing some metal spikes along the way, he says the four wheeler runs incredibly well. 

But of course, because it’s running on seven-inch spikes rather than tires built for the job, it doesn’t get an A+ for handling. 

“It doesn’t want to steer the greatest, and it takes a lot of torque just to get it moving,” he said. 

“It feels so weird, it’s like infinite traction, you’re never going to spin out.” 

You can watch the crazy transformation here!



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