Un superyacht de 394 pieds où la seule chose plus impressionnante que la taille est l'espace de vie.

Elle est aussi grande que belle
  • Master superyacht builders, Amels, are getting ready to launch their latest project
  • Tanzanite boasts five decks, a 56-foot beam, a 56-foot beam and will be the biggest Dutch-built motor yacht in the world
  • While the exterior is impressive, it’s the Tanzanite’s interior that is truly spectacular

Published on May 17, 2024 at 4:31PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 17, 2024 at 4:31PM (UTC+4)

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The biggest superyacht in the Netherlands is getting ready to launch.

Tanzanite is a 394-foot behemoth with five decks, capable of carrying 22 guests and 44 crew members.

The exterior is sharp and stylish, with a streamlined silhouette and two helipads.

But the interior is even more spectacular, with its spacious cabins, on-board spa, and marble bathtubs.

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Master yacht building company Amels has released the interior renders of its newest project.

Project Tanzanite is a colossal vessel measuring 394 feet in total length with a 56-foot beam.

This makes it the largest yacht under construction in the Netherlands and – when completed – it will be the biggest Dutch-built motor yacht in the world.

It’s all very well to have big ship bragging rights, but to travel in billionaire style, a yacht’s interior needs to be just as impressive.

Take the spacecraft-inspired superyacht that has a dedicated video game chamber, for example.

Or the yacht that comes with its own pizza oven and cinema.

Tanzanite certainly delivers with its light and airy cabins that look like rooms in a five-star hotel.

The designers spared no expense, using real marble and wood throughout to create a space that exudes luxurious elegance.

Each of the 11 guest cabins features a queen-sized bed, plush carpeting throughout, and a couch suite.

The main salon is decorated in a post-modern style, with curved chairs, avant-garde artworks, and sleek metallic accents.

The bathrooms are some of the most lavish rooms, featuring a bath and sink carved from green marble.

And for days when relaxing at sea gets a bit much, there’s a spa on board too.

The new generation of yachts are serious about incorporating green technology too, such as Bill Gates’ hydrogen fuel-cell-powered superyacht.

Tanzanite will use a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, allowing it to reach speeds of 18 knots.

And while a yacht of this magnitude can be a noisy beast, Tanzanite’s builders say she will operate with unparalleled low levels of noise and vibration.

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