New 269-foot superyacht comes with its own pizza oven and outdoor cinema

It even has its own beach club on board.
  • CALI is Lürssen’s newest superyacht
  • She has an expandable beach club on board
  • Her exterior deck is 100 feet long and features an outdoor movie theatre

Published on Nov 30, 2023 at 1:42PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Dec 4, 2023 at 2:59PM (UTC+4)

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This superyacht comes with its own pizza oven and cinema
Lürssen Yachts / Instagram - Shaun Lauri / Instagram

Lürssen has just unveiled its latest superyacht.

Her name is CALI, and she’s been in the construction shed for three years.

The German shipyard is known for its luxurious builds, producing only a handful a year.

And CALI is one of its most decadent releases yet.

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CALI was designed in-house by Jim Robert Sluijter, known for his expensive taste and stylish designs.

Lürssen already has a number of opulent superyachts in its fleet.

One is the DILBAR, which has two helipads on deck.

Another is AZZAM, which held the record for the longest yacht in the world.

But CALI is designed to be versatile, suited to wholesome family holidays and ocean-based festivities alike.

The yacht makers plan to launch CALI early next year, and up until now, we’ve had very little information about her.

CALI measures 269 feet, 100 of which are dedicated to her sun deck.

Thanks to her reverse bow and elegant lines, she has a striking silhouette.

Lürssen has not yet revealed the interior of CALI, but we know it was designed by RWD.

But judging from all the incredible amenities on the exterior decks of the boat, you might not ever need to head inside anyway.

The lower deck contains a beach club, which can be expanded to make more room for dancing, lounging, or whatever you like to do on your private yacht.

Then there’s the swim platform, designed as a spot for sun tanning and jumping into the sea.

One of the most exciting features is the outdoor dining area.

Here is a barbeque for boat burger-making sessions, plus an entire pizza oven.

There is also an outdoor cinema for watching movies under the stars.

CALI’s price has not been released yet.

We can only hope she’s cheaper than Lürssen’s most expensive yacht, which went for $252 million.

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