India makes history as it lands the first ever rover on the Moon’s South Pole

Published on Aug 23, 2023 at 6:08 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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India makes history as it lands the first ever rover on the Moon’s South Pole

India makes history after becoming the first country to ever land on the South Pole of the Lunar surface.

India is now the fourth country to reach the Moon after the US, Russia, and China.

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The Moon landing was broadcast on national television in India, and the video was also shared on YouTube by India’s space agency ISRO.

India’s newest space craft, dubbed Chandrayaan-3, landed on the Moon’s South Pole which, according to experts, is the toughest place to reach and the hardest to land on.

Only Russia had made concrete steps to reach the Moon’s South Pole before, but the Russian craft crashed right before landing.

Several space agencies including NASA have detected frozen water in the craters located in the South Pole.

This is good news because it would automatically make this particular side of the Moon the prime candidate to support a permanent base on our Earth’s only natural satellite.

The idea is to create a base where astronauts and scientists can work from for extended periods of time.

The bad news is no space agency, not even NASA, has been able to confirm without a shadow of a doubt that frozen water is really present.

If confirmed there, the water could be used for a lot of things, from fuel to oxygen, and of course, we could drink it.

After a 50-year hiatus, the space race is back in full swing.

Every major superpower is trying to figure out a way to get back to the Moon and NASA is actually working on mini Moon rovers specifically for this purpose.

The idea is to send these rovers to the Moon ahead of a manned mission.

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