Someone’s created a Frankenstein Ford Fiesta and it’s an absolute monster

Never in our lives have we seen something as strange as this Frankenstein Ford Fiesta which has been seen lurking the streets of Washington.

by | Published on 18th Dec 2022

Never in our lives have we seen a Ford Fiesta quite like this one in Washington, United States.

For some strange reason, someone’s decided to doctor it and in the process created an absolute monster.

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The Frankenstein Ford Fiesta appears to have been lurking the streets of Washington for more than eight years.

Well, that’s when images of it first surfaced on Reddit.

It recently reared its ugly head once again, snapped by Google Maps parked up near Howard Amon Park in Richland.


Now the Ford Fiesta is a small enough car as is without comically compressing it.

We can only assume the owner has had the middle section of the car cut out and the rear welded back on.

The result is a super short wheelbase similar in size to that of a Smart Fortwo.

What really tickles us is the roofline of the Frankenstein Ford Fiesta,.

We’re not sure if it was in the original design plans, but the roofline at the front doesn’t match up with the roofline of the rear, and there’s a small hump.

To add insult to injury, the hump is tagged with a sticker reading ‘Carleigh’ – presumably the owner of this monstrosity.

An accident waiting to happen

We’ve seen some weird and wonderful cars in our time, but the Frankenstein Ford Fiesta really takes the cake.

On a serious note, it looks like an absolute death trap on wheels, with the structural integrity clearly severely affected by its chop-shop modifications.

We dread to think what might happen even if this car was involved in an accident.



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