Friends create homemade Bugatti Chiron for those who don’t have millions of dollars

  • These friends decided to create a budget-friendly Bugatti Chiron
  • It took a whole year and a whole lot of clay
  • The internet was delighted with their efforts

Published on Jul 11, 2024 at 8:42 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jul 11, 2024 at 8:58 PM (UTC+4)
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A group of friends has created a Bugatti Chiron for car lovers who can’t afford to splash the cash.

Vũ Văn Nam and his friends in Vietnam decided to craft a budget version of the car, condensing their year’s work into a 45-minute video.

With a whole lot of clay, they created the mold for what would be a seriously impressive replica.

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The budget Bugatti you never knew you wanted

After applying the clay to the frame, they clothed it in fibreglass and removed the clay.

The resulting fibreglass shell is then used for the finished bodywork.

The car’s engine may be a 4-cylinder Toyota instead of the Bugatti’s 1000HP V16, but who said it had to be exactly right?

By the end of the process, they had the car topped off with a nice blue-black colouring.

And yes, it can be driven on the road!

Viewers were seriously impressed with the group’s efforts and commended them in the comments section on YouTube.

One admirer wrote: “The amount of dedication and hard work shown by these guys is absolutely insane and is so satisfying to watch.”

Another commented: “This is amazing. You guys did an incredible job. I would treasure that over the authentic thing.

“Seriously, a $3.5 million car wouldn’t compare to the one you built with your bare hands, with minimal equipment, with your friends.”

“As a car guy myself I applaud not only your passion for cars but also your hard work, determination, and not to mention all the hard work that went into editing and putting together this video,” another gushed.

“You are all true certified passionate car guys!

“This was the first time I watched a YouTube video for the full 46 minutes worth every second.”

If you thought this was an impressive endeavour, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

One dad spend 120 days building a Rolls-Royce for his son out of wood.

Admittedly, 120 days isn’t quite as long as 365, but it’s still a labor of love nonetheless.

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