The futuristic GAC U-Concept is from the year 2050

It has no doors, instead, the entire body of the U-Concept lifts up to welcome you in.

by | Published on 15th Aug 2022

The world has seen some insane futuristic concepts over the years, but the GAC U-Concept is truly something else.

Built by GAC Motor, it’s billed as “a sports car that doesn’t pursue speed”.

Instead, the GAC U-Concept is more like a luxury GT car designed for comfortable long distance driving.

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Its interior features seats that look more like a cross between sporty bucket seats and a fancy sofa.

However, there is some sportiness to be seen when it comes to the steering wheel which is actually hexagonal.

To provide its two occupants with an incredible view, there’s a glass canopy stretching from the very front of the car almost all the way to the rear.

It also gives you a view of its double wishbone suspension.

Rather than having normal doors, the entire body of the car lifts up, allowing you to climb inside.


The concept is fully electric, with a motor for each wheel.

And with no screens inside, it’s unlike any other futuristic concept car – sticking to the basics rather than fitting it out with crazy tech.

The U-Concept was designed by Anthony Zhao, who was an advanced exterior design intern at GAC Motor from 2018 to 2020.

This was the final car he designed during his internship with the Chinese manufacturer; he has since worked as a designer for Changan Automobile.

GAC Motor has a penchant for showcasing brilliant concept cars.

Recently, the company also revealed its Space concept – a minivan with a lounge-like interior that looks equally as futuristic as this.




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