Gaming fan turns PS1 into working portable console ‘PS Hanami’

A bit of nostalgia, anyone?
  • Gamer created a portable PS1 console by folding its insides in half
  • They also used ‘a lot’ of glue to make it work
  • It is called the PS Hanami

Published on Apr 17, 2024 at 3:57PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 18, 2024 at 6:48PM (UTC+4)

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ps hanami portable ps1 console

A Florida modder gave his old PS1 (PlayStation 1) gaming console a new life by creating the ‘PS Hanami’ portable PS1 console.

We already have handheld portable gaming consoles like the Nintendo Switch and ROG Ally, but this guy had another idea altogether.

Most modern consoles run modern-day games, and everybody seems to have forgotten about retro gaming fans.

Enter the PS Hanami.

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Yveltal Griffin – an engineer by profession — transformed their PlayStation 1 to fit into a smaller form factor.

How did they do it, you ask?

Using a lot of glue and folding its motherboard in half.

That sounds unusual, right?

But, in the end they managed to do it and run games on it successfully.

“The inside of the unit is jam-packed with stuff. This is an old-school portable (and a 1-month speedrun build!) so many components are secured with hot glue. Sometimes you gotta embrace the jank,” Griffin said.

Just when we are starting to hear rumors about the PlayStation 6 release, this portable PS1 certainly hits differently.

It took Griffin one month to pull it off, and they did everything from scratch.

Moreover, Griffin even posted a detailed account of the entire process on a public forum.

For starters, they used an actual PlayStation 1 motherboard, folded it like a book, and then rewired it completely to get it working.

If you add in a battery, storage, and chassis, you get a portable PS1 console.

If only we could pair the handheld PS1 with these VR glasses that can transform a portable console into a 201-inch screen.

That almost sounds like the perfect pairing.

The post mentions that the PS Hanami can run for 2.5 hours straight while playing the good old games.

The user posted several pictures and videos showing off the PS Hanami running retro games like Final Fantasy VII.

Now, that’s a collector-worthy gaming console right there.

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