The Genesis X Convertible concept is here and it looks incredible

Genesis is turning everything it touches into gold.

by | Published on 16th Nov 2022

This is the new Genesis X Convertible concept and it looks fantastic.

In fact, it looks better than some supercars.

Genesis has built a long list of pretty cars in recent years, but the X Convertible concept you see here might be its best yet.

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Genesis, Hyundai’s luxury division, is leading the way when it comes to hot cars.

The company has unveiled a long list of extremely pretty concepts and production cars in recent years.

Including the X Concept and the Speedium, which is basically the coupe version of the convertible you see here.


The first thing that stands out is the streamlined shape of the car.

It’s sleek and slender, and actually reminds us of some glorious vintage convertibles from the 50s.

At the front, Genesis reinvented its signature ‘Crest’ grille with two LED strips that form a triangular shape.

The rear section is equally stylish and clean, with four super slim LED strips and a pronounced lip spoiler.

The wheels look like they came straight from California’s lowrider car culture from the 1970s.

And the best part is the convertible actually utilizes a hardtop roof made of glass.

Which means you can also drive it as a coupe.

In the cabin, you’ll find four seats and a unique driver-centric dashboard layout.

The infotainment system display is located in the center console and fully integrated into the dashboard forming a much larger screen.

We don’t know what sort of powertrain the X Convertible will use yet, but there’s a strong chance it will use the same unit as the Speedium concept.

In that case, we’d be looking at 300+ hp and 300+ miles of range.

The Genesis X Convertible concept will make its public debut at the 2022 LA Auto Show.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.



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