German train holds insane raves while traveling across the country

All aboard the Techno Train Nürnberg, a seven-hour dance party inside a high-speed German train traveling from Nuremberg to Munich.

by | Published on 1st Sep 2023

Raves in clubs and abandoned warehouses are commonplace.

But a rave inside a train traveling across the country – that’s a new one.

Apparently, it’s all the rave (pardon the pun) in Germany.

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The rave train, also known as the Techno Train Nürnberg, is for hardcore dancers and partygoers. 

And, as you’ve probably worked out from the name, only techno music is played.

It’s no surprise really, seen as the country’s techno music scene is one of the most prominent and influential in the world.

The Techno Train Nürnberg is a unique experience to say the least.

Not only have you got the thrill of a train ride, you’ve got the excitement of live techno music, too.

It all takes place on a special train equipped with high-end sound systems.

And, of course, there’s performances from some of the world’s top techno DJs.

In the past, famous artists such as Sebastian Grot and Klanglos have performed on the rave train.

Sounds pretty epic, if that’s your kind of thing – but what’s it really like?

The techno train travels across the picturesque Bavarian countryside, providing a beautiful backdrop for the music and partygoers.

It’s divided into different areas, including a dance floor, bar, and lounge area.

The DJ booth is right in the thick of it, too, so performers can interact with the crowd and enjoy a massive immersive experience.

Departing from Nuremberg, the rave train travels non-stop through Bavaria until it reaches Munich.

The party doesn’t end there, though, as there’s an afterparty in the Bavarian captial.

As if you’d need an afterparty having just danced the soles off your shoes for seven hours straight.



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