This 394-foot gigayacht has an expandable beach club

It can travel from South Africa to New Zealand on one tank.

by | Published on 11th Sep 2022

This massive 394-foot gigayacht is fitted with a deck that expands to form a beach club.

It almost looks like the tail of a bird or the caudal fin of a fish.

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The gigayacht is named ‘Indah’ which is the Indonesian word for ‘beautiful’.

Designed by Opanlisky Design House, it features a steel hull, an aluminum superstructure, and a vertical bow.


But it’s the stern that steals the show.

The mechanism that powers the extendable stern is equipped with a completely original system that the company invented and patented.

It consists of rotating bulkheads that expand outwards – to the left and right – revealing a massive space that can be used as a beach club.

It can then fold back in on itself when the yacht is on the move and needs to travel through narrow passageways.

Among other things, the yacht has a sauna, a foredeck Jacuzzi and a fully-equipped gym.

Inside, there’s enough room to accommodate 24 guests and 32 crew.

In addition to the crew quarters, you’ll find 12 cabins, each with its own bathroom.

The owner’s suite and the VIP suite even have their own balconies.

As you’d expect, it also has a helipad and of course a sizable hangar for the owner’s jet skis.

The Indah can cover 7,000 nautical miles on a tank, at a cruising speed of 24 knots (27 mph).

For reference, that means you can travel from Cape Town, South Africa to Wellington, New Zealand without having to refuel.

The Indah is just a concept for the time being, until a billionaire decides to make it a reality.

And they’ll need to be a billionaire, because a yacht this size, with these amenities would set you back at least half a billion dollars.



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