This 8-tonne beast is the ultimate survival camper for the zombie apocalypse… but it costs the same as a Bugatti

If trouble comes knocking, this is the camper you want to be in...

by | Published on 5th May 2023

This eight-tonne beast is the ultimate survival camper for the zombie apocalypse. 

Called the Globecruiser 7500, this 10-meter-long motor home costs the same as a Bugatti EB110. 

Not only does it have the same $800,000 price tag, but it also has over 500 horses powering it.

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Created by Austrian firm Action Mobil, this motorhome has six massive off-road wheels and can store enough fuel and water to last you a week out in the wilderness. 

Not only is it 10 meters long, it’s also four meters tall, which is more than twice the height of the average man.

At the back of this beast is a hydraulic lift that can carry a motorbike, spare wheel, and four sand sheets.

Despite its tough, military appearance, this camper is decked out with just about all the creature comforts you could imagine.

It has 23 square feet of living space, which is more than comfortable for two adults and two kids. 

It has everything from an electric oven, microwave, induction hob, fridge, freezer, a 1000-liter tank for fresh water, and a 190-liter tank for wastewater. 

It also comes with air conditioning, heating, and a heated towel rack.

The Globecruiser 7500 not only has a 400-liter fuel tank, but it also has a lithium-ion 24V battery and four 240-watt solar panels fitted to the roof. 

The solar panels alone will maintain all of the devices on board well after you run out of fuel. 

If you’re after an end-of-the-world motorhome but don’t have $800,000 to spend, check out this insane converted school bus. 

The old school bus was bought at auction for just $2,000 and has been converted into a mega-truck that could survive the apocalypse. 

The man behind the build, Gordon Clement, has packed it with some of the craziest tech and DIY builds we’ve ever seen. 

You can check it out here



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