This is why Grace Good is one of the world’s best fire performers

She's one of the greatest fire performers in the world, but even she still gets burnt.

by | Published on 4th May 2023

This is Grace Good and she plays with fire for a living. 

Grace started hoola hooping in her backyard when she was younger, but it didn’t take her long before she gravitated to fire. 

Now, she’s one of the most talented fire performers in the world.

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“I have just lived for that adrenaline rush of playing with fire,” she told supercarblondie.com. 

While she’s highly trained and takes extreme car during her performances, she says the sport is never without its risks. 

“There were times my hair got burned, my face got burned, my arms would get burned,” she said. 

“It took years and years of training to be able to do the tricks that I do and it wasn’t easy. 

“Even though I always keep things safe, there’s always a risk no matter what when you’re playing with fire.”

Despite the dangers, the fire performer said she was addicted to the rush. 

“I play with fire because it makes me feel powerful,” she said. 

“I absolutely love having fire all around me, honestly it’s a place I feel most calm most of the time. 

“It’s an adrenaline rush like no other.”

Grace Good’s talent has taken her to some amazing places too.

“I get to perform at NBA and college halftime shows, and it’s just unreal to be in a packed arena with all eyes on you,” she said. 

“I mean the energy of sports fans is unreal.” 

But Grace’s entry into the world of fire performing wasn’t so glamorous.

“I started fire performing as a street performer, I learned how to make people laugh, how to make people smile, what’s going to make them amazed, and what’s going to make them scratch their heads,” she said. 

“And honestly, it was kind of the best way to start out as a performer.” 



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