The mind-boggling price for GTA 6 is sparking serious divide among fans

You can buy a smartphone for that.

by | Published on 6th Sep 2023

The GTA 6 fever is taking over the world as we (hopefully) get closer to a release date.

Nothing is set in stone yet, we just feed on rumors and leaks, and one of these rumors is dividing fans.

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Rumor has it GTA 6 will cost $150 per copy.

Further, a leaked conversation that surfaced on X suggests Take-Two and Rockstar spent at least $2 billion developing the game so far.

And judging by the tone, it feels like there’s no budget cap either.

Then again, at $150 per copy, they’re going to make that money back, and some.

Grand Theft Auto is a huge money maker for Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive, and they know this.

They also know that people will probably buy the game no matter the price.

And based on some of the comments we’ve read on X, they’re probably right.

“Y’all know we still buying,” one user said.

“Let’s be real, everyone’s gonna buy it,” another suggested.

And then there’s the inevitable Futurama meme, “shut up and take my money”,” a third user commented”.

Not everyone’s happy, though.

“Excuse me, what?” one user exclaimed.

“I’m gonna just keep playing GTA 5 for that price,” another user said.

GTA 6 is set to be the most realistic Grand Theft Auto ever made.

Players will be able to interact with the environment like never before.

It’ll have two main playable characters, a man and a woman, named Lucia and Jason.

There’s no release date yet but Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick says the company expects to generate $8 billion in sales between April 2024 and March 2025.

A lot of people took that as a coded message to reveal that the next GTA game will be released somewhere around then.

After all, there aren’t that many games that can generate that amount of cash in sales in just a few months.



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