The dial on this $21k watch looks like it’s made of wood

H. Moser doesn't do baby steps, the Swiss brand is growing at a crazy rate and knows how to attract collectors: the new 'Smoked Salmon' Streamliner proves it.

by | Published on 23rd Apr 2023

Automakers and watch manufacturers have a lot of things in common, chief among which is the ability to come up with new marketing-friendly names for different models.

This, for example, is the new H. Moser Streamliner with a dial that sort of looks like it’s made of wood.

Mind you, H. Moser actually calls it ‘Smoked Salmon Fumé’.

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The dial is at the center of the watch, literally but also figuratively.

H. Moser has been raising the bar when it comes to its dials in recent times and this one is no exception.

Painted in a color that could be described as ‘smoked salmon’, this is actually what Moser calls it, but also ‘chestnut wood’, which is what we’d call it.

It has a fumé effect around the chapter ring, where the hour markers are located, with a matte satin-brushed finish in the middle.

The stainless steel case houses a movement made in-house by H. Moser, and it’s paired with an integrated bracelet made of the same material.

H. Moser wants to establish itself as a legacy watchmaker to rival the big names in the industry, from Rolex to Audemars Piguet.

Collectors love it, and the price tag reflects that.

The H. Moser Streamliner in Smoked Salmon costs $21,900.

Production of the new H. Moser Streamliner isn’t limited, but the company made it clear it’ll only make this for a year starting from May 2023.

It’ll be discontinued in May 2024 and at that point, the market will dictate its value and therefore its price.

About H. Moser

H. Moser was founded by a Swiss watchmaker in Russia almost 200 years ago.

The company nearly went bankrupt after the founder died because none of his heirs wanted to take over the business.

H. Moser was incorporated again in 2002, in Switzerland this time.

H. Moser is doing great these days, a serious thorn in the side for brands like Rolex and Omega, or even AP.



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