The latest gold H Moser dial is so black you can’t even see it

It basically looks like the watch has a black hole instead of a dial.

by | Published on 28th Aug 2022

The latest H Moser Streamliner is fitted with a red gold case and a black dial you can’t see.

Literally, that is, because it’s made from a material that does not reflect light.

It basically looks like the watch has a black hole instead of a dial.

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The newest iteration of the brand’s signature Flying Tourbillon Streamliner stands out due to its ultra-dark face.

It features a dial in ‘Vantablack‘, a type of material that absorbs 99.965 percent of the light.

This isn’t the brand’s first rodeo with this unique material either.


To top it all off, you’ve got a vibrant 40 mm case in red gold that nicely offsets the dark dial.

The integrated dial is made from the same type of gold.

Underneath the black dial, you’ll find Moser’s high-performance movement with a three-day power reserve.

Despite the unusual materials that it uses, the watch is water resistant up to 12 atm.

In plain English, that means you can swim with it.

It all sounds good and jolly but obviously there’s a price to pay.

The retail price is $119,000.

Having said that, H Moser is one of the hottest brands in the world right now.

So we should probably expect mayhem in the secondary market.

About H Moser

H. Moser & Cie. – often shortened to ‘H Moser’ – is a watch manufacturer based out of Shaffhausen, Switzerland’s watch capital along with Geneva.

The original H. Moser Cie brand was first founded in Russia in 1828 by a Swiss watchmaker, who relocated back to Switzerland 20 years later.

The company as we know it was launched in 2002.

These days, H Moser is regarded as a credible rival to the likes of Rolex and AP.

Collectors love it, which explains why almost all models trade at a premium in the pre-owned market.

The brand is also known for of its quirky creations.

In 2017, it launched the ‘Swiss Mad Watch’, with a case made from actual cheese.



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