England captain Harry Kane rocks $500,000 rainbow Rolex at the World Cup

Some speculate Harry Kane wore it in protest against FIFA's decision to ban rainbow armbands.

by | Published on 28th Nov 2022

England captain Harry Kane has been spotted wearing an ultra-rare ‘rainbow’ Rolex at the World Cup.

This limited-edition iteration of the Rolex Daytona is extremely expensive, with a market value of around $500,000.

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The watch is made from rose gold and festooned with rainbow-colored diamonds around the bezel.

As standard, the watch is available with a black dial but Harry Kane decided to go all in with a model that features gems on the dial as well.


This particular timepiece has a price tag of ‘just’ $97,000 at retail.

However, like many other special Rolex models, it is basically impossibly to buy at retail.

This means that you have to buy a pre-owned one in the secondary market, and that’s going to cost an arm and a leg.

You’d be hard-pressed to find this watch for anything less than $500,000.

Harry Kane paired the flashy Rolex with his England training shorts and shirt ahead of the game.

Some are now speculating whether Kane wore the watch in support of LGBT rights.

Kane actually wanted to wear a rainbow-colored captain armband but FIFA eventually banned said armband at the World Cup.

It’s unclear whether Harry Kane did this on purpose or not but Twitter, as always, has an opinion.

About the 2022 World Cup

England cruised past Iran in its World Cup opener with an emphatic 6-2 win.

However, England failed to hold onto that success against USA and the game ended in a goalless draw.

Harry Kane played both games and provided two assists.

However, he was yet to find the back of the net yet.

Maybe that will change on November 29, when England faces Wales in its last game of the Group Stage.



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