‘Harry Potter’ actor forgot he owned Rolls-Royce Phantom

  • Richard Harris forgot about his Rolls-Royce
  • He got it as a promotional gift for the movie
  • He’d left it in an NYC garage

Published on Jun 21, 2024 at 5:29 PM (UTC+4)
by Daksh Chaudhary

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Not a wallet, not a watch, actor Richard Harris managed to lose a whole Rolls-Royce, yes, an entire Rolls-Royce.

Well – he forgot it was there, anyway.

It’s a far cry from the Harry Potter star’s wise portrayal of Dumbledore.

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Richard Harris forgot he owned a Rolls-Royce Phantom V

The story begins in 1996, when Harris was offered the beautiful Rolls-Royce Phantom 5 as a promotional gift for the movie, The Heroes of Telemark.

That was definitely a moment worth remembering for Harris, but not what happened after, apparently.

He took his brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom 5 to the New York garage and parked it there, intending to retrieve it later.

But it seems destiny had some other plans – and the car apparently slipped his mind.

This incident makes us recall when Rick Ross forgot that he owned a Cadillac Escalade.

Reclaiming his forgotten possession

Decades later, Richard Harris stumbled upon a picture of himself with his new Rolls-Royce. That’s when the vague memories of the car hit his mind.

Curious about the car’s fate, he even asked his two ex-wives, but they had no idea either. Thus, the story of the missing Rolls-Royce Phantom 5 continued.

Finally, he learned about the car’s fate from his accountant.

All these years, the car accumulated a parking fee of around $90,000. But that was nothing compared to what Harris earned back.

Finally, the car was transported back to England and restored to its former glory.

Luckily, this car’s fate wasn’t as bad as the Rolls-Royce VII parked in a hotel in India.

Before his death in 2002, the car was auctioned.

And the Phantom hasn’t disappeared – while modernized, it’s still a popular series today.

The story doesn’t end here

It’s a fascinating story, isn’t it?

But wait, Harris’ personal life story has more twists than the Harry Potter franchise.

The above story is yet to be verified with an alternative version of the tale claiming that the car was discovered by his wife after Harris passed away.

She received a whooping $350,000 bill for parking, and the car was sold at around $180,000 to settle the bills.

What’s the truth? Only Richard Harris and those close to him know. But it was a tale worth remembering for every Richard Harris fan.

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