Hermès launches beautiful new timepieces for serious watch collectors

Published on Jul 27, 2022 at 5:13 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Hermès launches beautiful new timepieces for serious watch collectors

Hermès is one of the few fashion brands that really knows how to make serious watches for collectors.

This is something the company has proven, once again, with its latest beautiful Arceau collection inspired by the silk scarves the fashion house is famous for.

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There are two different models, each featuring a perfect replica of a different Hermès scarf, with amazing handpainted details, enameling and engraving on the mother-of-pearl dial.

The first Hermès watch features a princess taking a selfie with a selfie stick while riding a horse, surrounded by a peacock, a monkey, a toucan with a top hat, a turtle wearing a bowler hat, and a rabbit.

The dial of the second piece features a tiger at the center, surrounded by a hummingbird, butterflies, a turtle in a bowler hat, a peacock, an ostrich and even a mantis standing on the head of the tiger.

They are both incredibly beautiful, and they both take a long time and a high degree of precision to make.

Each Hermès watch dial is handcrafted from a combination of wood and mother-of-pearl, with 290 individual pieces crafted from plum, ash-olive, maple and tulipwood.

The pieces are equipped with a 38 mm gold case and a bezel that comprises 82 hand-set diamonds, and both are powered by Hermès’ in-house automatic movement.

Two different types of gold have been used.

The first piece is made from 18-karat white gold, while the second is made from rose gold.

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The collection is limited to 24 unique pieces, 12 for each motif.

And now the million-dollar question: how much?

Each Hermès watch is not cheap but in the crazy world of watch collecting, some might even call them reasonably priced.

The first piece, the one with the princess on the horse, retails for $63,200, while the second piece, the one with the tiger, costs $82,600.

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