Hispano Suiza’s new hypercar will be the star of New York City Concours

The Spanish company is making a big comeback, and has its eyes set on the US market.

by | Published on 9th Sep 2022

The Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne is set to be the star of the show at the upcoming New York City Concours.

Among an exhibition of more than 40 cars and motorcycles, the fully-electric hypercar will be on display on Manhattan’s 72nd Street.

The Carmen Boulogne was shown to American audiences last month at The Quail, following its first US appearance in March 2022.

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The EV marks the return of the Spanish brand following its most recent car – the H6B ‘Xenia’ – released back in 1938.

The Carmen Boulogne draws upon the styling of the brand’s classic models in a clearly modernised way – and with a clearly modern powertrain.

It features two electric motors, but both are used to power the rear wheels alone.

Those rear tires have plenty of power to try to handle as well – the regular Carmen makes 1019hp while the Carmen Boulogne steps it up to a whopping 1114hp.

Unlike other hypercars with the same level of performance, the Carmen Boulogne is just as much about luxury as it is performance.

That’s why, instead of a tight and racy cockpit, it features softer and more luxurious quilted leather surfaces.


It also boasts plenty of technology with a fully digital instrument cluster and a big portrait touchscreen in the middle of the cabin.

The car Hispano Suiza will be showing – the purple over white example seen here – is the first customer-delivered Carmen Boulogne in the US.

And for the Spanish company, the US is a market it has its sights clearly set on.

“The United States is a strategic market for Hispano Suiza,” Hispano Suiza CEO Sergio Martínez Campos says.

“I can’t imagine a better venue than this revamped edition of The New York City Concours on Madison Avenue, one of the top fashion and style destinations in the world.”

The Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne will be on display as part of the event on September 17.

It will be located between Madison and Fifth Avenue, just meters from Central Park.

The exhibition is free to attend and will run from 12-5pm.



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