The new Harry Potter video game Hogwarts Legacy has fans divided

Hogwarts Legacy gives you the chance to build and customize your character, explore familiar locations and fight 'baddies' from the Harry Potter world.

by | Published on 7th Feb 2023

Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled for release in just a couple of days but fans are already going crazy over it.

The long-awaited Harry Potter video game is a blockbuster waiting to happen, and it is also guaranteed to generate controversy.

In fact, it already is.

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Set in the 1890s, Hogwarts Legacy focuses on a Hogwarts School student in their fifth year.

Side note, the character can actually be customized by the player.

As the story progresses, the main protagonist will be able to interact with familiar faces from the Harry Potter world, such as Victor Rookwood, Nearly Headless Nick, Ranrok and Peeves.

Iconic locations from the franchise will also be featured.

In addition to the ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’, the player will also experience the Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest.

Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros., the game will initially be available for PlayStation 5, Windows PC and Xbox X/S.

Later this year, it will also be released for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Mind you, reviewers and players who purchased the Deluxe Edition were given a 72-hour head start and have already played the game.

And they have something to say about it.

TmarTn on Twitter praised the playable map, saying “the size of Hogwarts Legacy’s map is UNBELIEVABLE.”

Others said they believed the game would be an instant hit simply because it’s linked to Harry Potter, not because it is actually any good.

TheGemAgenda referenced a game review by IGN.

According to the user, IGN criticized gameplay, characters and storyline… but still gave the game 9/10 because it’s Harry Potter.

WolfNoiseGaming found out you can actually pet animals in the game, writing “you can pet the cat in Hogwarts Legacy. I repeat you can pet the cat in Hogwarts Legacy”.

And for that, he gave the game a 10/10 rating.

So, as to whether or not the game is actually good, we’ll have to wait and see.



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