This homemade fighter jet can fly 350 km/h and cost $20,000 to build

With a budget of just $20,000, a professional drone pilot has built a homemade fighter jet with handmade wings and flaps, and even its own propulsion system.

by | Published on 29th Apr 2023

A professional drone pilot has built his own homemade fighter jet and it looks fantastic.

And the best part is it only costs him $20,000.

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Dunkan Bossion flies radio-controlled (RC) vehicles for a living and since he couldn’t find an RC fighter jet he liked, he decided to make one.

Dunkan used a Sukhoi B-1831M1 fighter jet as an inspiration for his aircraft and got to work.

The plane is a two-seat fighter jet part of the Ukraine Air Force.

Keen-eyed fighter jet fans will spot the period-correct livery in two different shades of blue and white, and the Ukrainian trident on the stabilizer.

Every component of the scale model was , from the landing gear to the propulsion system, flaps, wings and even the wheels.

The fighter jet on which the RC model is based is 72 feet (21 meters) long, with a wingspan of 48 feet (14 meters).

The scale model measures 5 feet and weighs about 25 kg.

It can generate up to 45 kg (99 lb) of thrust.

The real-life jet can reach speeds of up to 1,550 mph (2,500 km/h).

Meanwhile, the RC model is theoretically capable of reaching 350 km/h – or 217 mph.

This would be quite frankly incredible for a radio-controlled vehicle, even if we’re talking about a fighter jet.

Dunkan spent around $20,000 to build the jet from the scratch, so where’s the catch?

Well, the flaps and the wings work, but the plane can’t fly yet.

The good news is Dunkan is currently hard at work trying to perfect the propulsion system, trying to figure out a way to A, make it fly and B, make sure it’s safe.

We’ll keep you posted with his updates.



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