New hypersonic hydrogen-powered jet will fly you from Europe to Australia in record time

The Swiss start-up says its new hypersonic hydrogen-powered jet will move at velocities more than five times the speed of sound.

by | Published on 31st Mar 2023

This hypersonic hydrogen-powered jet will cut flights from Europe to Australia down to just four hours. 

Swiss start-up Destinus claims its jet, called the Eiger, will move at velocities more than five times the speed of sound. 

The jet is no concept either, it’s a legit aircraft that has already racked up a number of successful test flights.

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The company’s goal is ambitious but doable. 

In fact, Destinus just received a staggering €12 million in funding from Spain’s Ministry of Science. 

The company says it’s pulled off “picture-perfect flights” with its latest prototype, Eiger. 

Eiger is the company’s second prototype aircraft and it’s packed with a bunch of crazy tech. 

It has a suite of sensors, guidance navigation satellite systems, and a mountain of other high-tech instruments and cameras for collecting data during flights. 

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“With each prototype we go faster, bigger and get closer to our dream – a hypersonic future powered by hydrogen,” the company says. 

Destinus says the aircraft will “challenge the limits of time, space, sustainability and human potential”. 

That’s a big task, but if they can cut 16 hours off a Frankfurt to Sydney flight, they’re doing something right.

Destinus’ VP for Business Development Davide Bonetti said the grant from Spain’s Ministry of Science would be instrumental in reaching its goal. 

“Especially because they are a clear sign that Destinus is aligned with the strategic lines of Spain and Europe to advance hydrogen flight,” he said. 

“With these grants, hydrogen-based solutions for aeronautical mobility will be one step closer to becoming a reality.” 

The Spanish government grant will go towards building a test facility near Madrid. 

Here, the company plans to test air-breathing hydrogen engines. 



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