Homeowner discovers gold mine hidden in his backyard

The homeowner literally struck gold.
  • Despite living in the property for three years, Anthony Doolin wasn’t aware of the gold mine
  • He stumbled across the gold mine while exploring his 16.5 hectares of land
  • The gold mine is one of many other mines in the hills due to mining at the turn of the century

Published on Jan 4, 2024 at 5:46PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Jan 15, 2024 at 1:47PM (UTC+4)

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Homeowner discovers gold mine hidden in his backyard

A homeowner in Australia literally struck gold when he found a gold mine in the backyard of his suburban house.

When Anthony Doolin purchased the property in Brisbane, he wasn’t aware of the gold mine.

That was until he was out exploring his 16.5 hectares of land and literally stumbled upon the mine shaft.

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“We weren’t told about it, we just found it there one day,” Doolin told realestate.com.au.

“I nearly fell over, I just pictured Indiana Jones and underground railroads.”

After doing some research, the Brisbane man discovered the gold mine was one of many in the area.

“There was a lot of mining at the turn of the century and in those hills there are quite a few little mines,” Doolin told the publication.

“It’s about six meters deep and the old ironbark is still intact.”

Although tempted to find out of if the gold mine still contained the precious metal, he never got round to it, and got his mother to sell the property for him.

The property, located just 20km (12 miles) from the Brisbane CBD, has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a four-car garage.

Though Doolin initially wanted around AUD$300,000 more than he initially paid for the property, it eventually sold for AUD$1.35m – the price he paid for it three years prior.

Interestingly, Doolin’s backyard isn’t the best we’ve come across.

The coolest backyard in the world is tucked away in Kulnura on Australia’s Central Coast.

It contains an F1-style race track, 5.1 kilometers in length and with 22 turns.

Apparently, the track was owned by car enthusiast and former Coca-Cola Amatil boss, Dean Wills.

In other Australian-related news, a family turned down an AUD$50 million offer from developers who built a suburb around their home.

The Zammit family have been on the plot of land in Sydney, Australia for decades.

Since 2012, the area around the family’s house has seen hundreds of properties built around it.

The plot of land is so coveted by developers, it could be worth $50 million – but the family have told them where to go, insisting the land isn’t for sale.

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