Honda surprises everyone by bringing back the Prelude with a major twist

  • It’s a great comeback for one of the brand’s most iconic models
  • The new Prelude is a hybrid, not fully electric
  • This is just a concept, but a production model is expected

Published on Oct 26, 2023 at 1:45 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

Last updated on Oct 26, 2023 at 8:28 PM (UTC+4)
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Honda surprises everyone by bringing back the Prelude with a major twist

Honda could be adding a two-door coupe back to its lineup.

And this is no ordinary coupe because it carries a very meaningful name for the brand.

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This year’s Japan Mobility Show was full of concept car reveals, including a flying car from Subaru.

To everyone’s surprise, Honda showed up with a concept inspired by one of its most iconic models.

The Japanese manufacturer has shifted its focus to SUVs and hatchbacks in recent years.

But its new concept car is a little different, and it comes in with a powerful name because this is new Honda Prelude.

Fans of the iconic Prelude will be excited to see this familiar silhouette and hear the name again.

And while this is just a concept for now, the prototype we’ve seen looks pretty much production-ready.

The Prelude was first launched in the 1970s and remained in production until 2001.

Now, Honda has unveiled its Prelude concept, an updated, sporty take on the classic.

It’s a two-door coupe with a hybrid powertrain.

The front has an LED light bar and angular headlights with black mesh detailing on the bumper.

From the side, we can see its door handles are flush and get a glimpse of the bright blue brake calipers.

At the rear, we have a tapered roofline, a black lip spoiler and a glossy bumper.

While Honda didn’t share any specifics about the car, many speculate that it will share underpinnings with the Accord or the Civic.

“This model will become the Prelude for our future models, which will inherit the ‘joy of driving’ into the full-fledged electrified future,” Toshihiro Mibe, president of Honda, said.

Many X users were quick to express their dismay at seeing this legendary car having an electric overhaul.

“I’m gonna cry: why did they make it EV?” one user said.

“Some things are better left untouched,” another said.

But a spokesperson put their concerns to rest, assuring us that the Prelude is a hybrid-electric.

Honda declared last year that it had plans to develop electrified sports cars and this looks like a huge step in the right direction.

The company has not mentioned specifics such as a release date or price but has encouraged us to “keep our expectations high.”

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