This insane modded car with custom spinning doors is an absolute show-stopper

Published on Sep 25, 2023 at 1:01 PM (UTC+4)
by Andie Reeves

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This insane modded car with custom spinning doors is an absolute show-stopper

You’ve heard of suicide and butterfly doors, but what about spinning doors?

This guy took his Honda and gave it a crazy upgrade, including revolving doors, a massive screen, and heaps more.

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It all started when LA Bike bought a bright blue Honda last year.

He had a huge passion for car shows, so he knew he had to go the extra mile to make his entry stand out.

First, he turned the front doors into scissor doors and totally overhauled the back to create spinning doors.

Watching them spin 360° is totally hypnotizing.

Then, in case you weren’t feeling dizzy enough, he modified the hood too.

It also lifts up to spin, revealing an amazing blue smoke decal beneath.

He sacrificed trunk space for a massive sound system too.

There are now two huge pulsing speakers in the trunk, with a further four embedded in the hatch.

Backseat passengers have to watch their, well, back when riding though.

The backseat cushion has been replaced with a giant screen.

Perfect for when you’re driving but also want to watch TV over your shoulder, which is cool, but we don’t exactly recommend doing it.

This guy has an eye for detail, with every inch of the Honda completely overhauled.

Even the door frames have smoke and skeleton artwork on them.

In case the crazy sound system fails and you don’t hear it coming from a mile away, the headlights will be sure to catch your attention.

They’ve been customised to flash in the colors of the rainbow.

Plus it’s got blue rim lights.

Watch the chaos unfold here!

Some were impressed at this feat of engineering and the evident love this guy had for car culture.

“This is what you use to steal a car show, even hypercar owners will give you the front row,” one said.

But not everyone was a fan.

“Well it certainly doesn’t look good but the owner might be happy about it so that’s all that matters,” one said.

“I’m thinking about five rotisserie chickens could be cooked on this,” another said.

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