Astronaut shows how she goes to sleep in space

How an astronaut sleeps in space is fascinating.

by | Published on 16th Jun 2023

The overwhelming majority of humans inhabiting Earth will never get to experience spaceflight.

However, some lucky, and hardworking people are sharing that experience with the rest of us.

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One astronaut has explained how she sleeps in space – and it’s fascinating.

Just like on Earth, in space an astronaut goes to bed at a certain time, then wakes up and prepares for work again.

There are, of course, a few differences.

Space has no “up” or “down”, but it does have microgravity.

As a result, astronauts are weightless and can sleep in any orientation.

Even if you’re sleeping upside down, the brain doesn’t recognize that you are – how crazy?

However, the astronauts have to attach themselves to something so they don’t float around and bump into something.

In a video posted to TikTok by russellshelby, the female astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) talks about her “sleep station”.

Space station crews usually sleep in sleeping bags located in sleep stations or crew cabins.

Each sleep station is just big enough for one person, although the astronaut says she’s got a computer, books, and some other home comforts in there.

In the video, the astronaut explains that there are four sleep stations so the astronauts sleep in a small circle.

Generally, atsronauts are scheduled for eight hours of sleep at the end of each mission day.

Like on Earth, different things can disrupt an astronaut’s sleep pattern.

During their sleep period, astronauts have reported having dreams and nightmares.

It’s all very fascinating, but we’re not sure we’d be getting much sleep, floating around in such a small confined space.



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