How to transport a TV that’s too big for your car

It's true what they say, a little ingenuity goes a long way as this guy has proven, adopting a unique approach to transporting his new 75-inch TV.

by | Published on 2nd May 2023

We’ve all done it, bought a new TV at the store and not really thought through getting it home.

With TVs getting bigger and bigger, fitting one in a car is nigh on impossible.

One guy has it all worked out, though.

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A video has surfaced of one guy’s genius way to transport a TV that’s too big for your car.

In the video posted to Twitter by @InsaneRealitys, the man can be seen dragging his new 75-inch TV out of the store.

Filmed by an amazed onlooker, the man is captured getting some rope out of his bag, which he then wraps around the TV.

It’s at this point the guy starts to attract attention from other shoppers.

One lady can be seen crossing the parking lot staring at the man, while a man in a hi-vis vest walks past and exchanges conversation with him.

Not deterred by this, the guy continues to adjust the rope around the TV.

This is when things start to get real crazy.

The man crouches down, puts his arms through the rope, and mounts the TV on his back like a backpack.

He then gets to his feet before climbing on a unicycle.

That’s right, a unicycle.

Now we don’t know if this guy has had any circus training, but he clearly knows what he’s doing.

After finding his balance and with his backpack strapped to his front, he starts to pedal away, TV in tow.

Winding down his car window, the onlooker filming the ordeal can be heard shouting to the guy, “Dude that’s epic. Oh my gosh.”

TV guy, clearly pleased with his antics, raises a thumb in appreciation. 

He wasn’t the only one amazed by the man’s ingenuity and athleticism; plenty of people have responded to the tweet with their admiration.

“One user commented, “If I had skills like that, I’d do it too.”

“Amazing,” another said.

Not to rain on TV guy’s parade, but many watching the video think the box was empty and it was all a stunt.

Either way, we found it hilarious and are pretty sure you will, too.



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