Inside China’s humanoid factory where robots mimic the people around them

It's like a real-life Westworld
  • China is the home of lifelike humanoid robots
  • Footage from a factory has emerged which shows multiple human-like robots in various stages of production
  • The robots’ lifelike movements and realistic skin and hair are both impressive and unnerving

Published on May 10, 2024 at 6:40PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 12, 2024 at 11:57AM (UTC+4)

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A video of a humanoid robot factory in China has emerged online, and it’s as unnerving as it sounds.

In it we see ultra-realistic robots in various stages of construction.

Some are only heads, some are fully formed, but all have moving facial features and human-like skin and hair.

While it wasn’t initially clear where this footage was taken, sleuths on the internet managed to figure out the robot manufacturer responsible for these lifelike creations.

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It’s no secret that China is leading the race to build the most impressive humanoid robot.

Unitree H1 can run faster than any other robot, covering 3.3 meters per second.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong recently developed a robot that can liquify itself, able to transition back and forth between solid and liquid states.

And yeah, the unsettling comparison to the T-1000 in Terminator is the first that comes to mind.

And Astribot’s home robot doesn’t look like a person but can perform tasks like vacuuming, ironing and making pancakes as fast as one.

A 20-second video was recently posted on TikTok showing the inside of a robot factory in China.

First the video shows a row of cyborg women, one of which seems to be explaining something with her hands.

Many companies are developing robots to work front of house positions or as teachers, so these could be intended for this application.

Behind them is another woman-like robot wearing high heels and standing at a desk.

The video then shows the rest of the room, which has multiple tables with robot heads and busts on them.

There are also fully formed and fully dressed robots dotted amongst the tables.

At work on computers behind all the robotic commotion are real humans.

Or at least we think they’re real humans.

The last shot shows a bizarre-looking ‘tree’ of humanoid robot arms, which was the give away for the factory’s location.

EXROBOTS is well known in the robotics world and has shown these synchronized arms at robotics expos in the past.

It even opened the EX Future Science and Technology Museum in Liaoning Province, which is like a Madame Tussauds for robots.

Visitors can see robotic versions of people like Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs, and can even have their body parts scanned and 3D-printed.

And while these humanoids are a bit creepy at first, the company’s intention is the opposite.

These are created to be used in science museums, tourist areas, hotel lobbies, and as companions to the elderly.

And at least they’re not as scary as the flame-throwing robotic dog.

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