China unveils humanoid robot with ‘human-like’ speed and precision

A future without ironing may be closer than we thought
  • Astribot has just released a video showing the incredible capabilities of the S1
  • The humanoid robot can prepare pancakes from scratch, use a bottle opener, and more
  • What’s shocking is the speed at which it completes tasks

Published on May 9, 2024 at 4:19PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 9, 2024 at 4:20PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Kate Bain

The Astribot S1 has shocked the tech world with its uncanny ability to move like a real person.

If you weren’t wary of robots before, you might soon find yourself reconsidering.

The Chinese robotics firm Astribot just released a video compilation showing all the amazing tasks the S1 can complete.

From ironing and folding to seamlessly pulling a tablecloth out from under a tower of glasses, this robot is making waves in the humanoid robot world.

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A new generation of AI-powered robots is surfacing, capable of achieving feats only sci-fi films have dared to dream of.

Disney is investing in ‘Stuntronics‘, building robots to perform stunts beyond human capabilities.

The Optimus robot has been spotted strolling around Tesla’s offices and could be available for purchase as soon as 2025.

And then there’s the flame-throwing robot dog, priced at nearly $10,000.

A common critique of humanoid robots is their slow, awkward movements, which Astribot’s latest offering couldn’t be accused of.

In a new video, viewers get to see the Astribot S1 in action, and the footage is awe-inspiring.

First, we see it speed stacking cups, followed by effortlessly ripping a tablecloth out from under a tower of wine glasses.

These are impressive gimmicks, but S1 is also capable of practical tasks.

Because the robot is driven by AI, it can think beyond simple commands.

For example, if instructed to tidy a messy table, it will sort items logically while tidying, grouping similar objects together.

S1 proves to be especially handy in the kitchen, able to chop and peel vegetables at human-like speed.

It can also prepare pancake batter, fry them on a pan, and serve them on a plate.

Currently undergoing rigorous testing, the company aims to release this robot later this year.

It’s said to be the robot that comes closest to matching human operating performance, with a 22-pound payload per arm and a top speed of 10 meters per second.

One of the most impressive capabilities is its handling of bottles and liquids.

The robot can unscrew lids, uncork wine, use a bottle opener, and pour liquids without spilling a drop.

It is also able to vacuum, plug in electrical devices and use a hammer to perform basic DIY tasks.

It seems Astribot S1 excels in tackling the most tedious household jobs, from watering plants to ironing and folding clothes.

Folding a t-shirt is one thing, but call us when it can take on a fitted sheet.

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