This moon-inspired watch costs more than a house

The HYT Moon Runner is a fabulous watch with a handmade dial that looks tremendous - but it costs an enormous amount of money.

by | Published on 20th Jun 2023

Swiss watchmaker HYT is launching two timepieces inspired by the surface of the Moon.

They both look absolutely stunning, but the problem is you can buy a house for the same amount of money.

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At the center of the dial is a little orb, which was hand-painted to resemble the moon in the third phase of the Moon, the so-called First Quarter or Half Moon.

The lower half is designed to recreate the texture and typical brown-gray color of the moon.

Meanwhile the upper part of the orb is jet black.

Around the orb, you’ll find several concentric circles, representing different complications.

From the smallest to the largest, they’re used for days, months, 5-minute intervals and hours.

You can’t really tell the time at a glance with this complicated dial, but that’s probably beside the point since the watch is made for collectors.

The timepiece is available in two different versions.

The HYT Moon Runner Ghost features a DLC-treated titanium case, with matching case, crown and dial.

Even the Moon is painted in a lighter shade of gray to match the case.

And to top it all off, the watch is paired with a black rubber band with contrasting white stitching.

Meanwhile, the HYT Moon Runner Desert is equipped with a carbon fiber case, with a black dial and black crown.

The hour markers and are painted in a color that looks like a mixture of creme caramel and sand, and the same color was used for the suede insert in the black leather band.

Production is limited to 30 pieces, 15 for each color, and the price tag is mad.

It costs CHF 125,000 – equivalent to $140,000 at today’s rate.

The watch looks beautiful but there are fully-equipped, livable homes on Zillow that costs less.



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