Hyundai’s new ‘crab driving’ tech is about to change the parking game

The tech allows all four car wheels to swivel 90 degrees, making tricky parallel parking a thing of the past. 

by | Published on 2nd May 2023

Hyundai Mobis has released a new video showing its crazy e-Corner technology. 

The tech allows all four car wheels to swivel 90 degrees, making tricky parallel parking a thing of the past. 

In one video, the team shows a Hyundai Ioniq 5 pull up directly beside a car park, turn all four wheels towards the parking spot, and scoot right in.

Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai’s parts division, calls this ‘crab driving’. 

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The team also showcases what it calls a ‘zero turn’ which is essentially an on-the-spot U-turn. 

The Ioniq 5 wheels swivel outward, with the front and back wheels spinning in opposite directions. 

This allows the car to turn around without moving forward or backward. 

The Hyundai Mobis team also had one more nifty trick up its sleeve.

The Ioniq 5 also showcases a ‘pivot turn’, during which the back of the vehicle swings outwards while the front remains in place. 

The tech team also gave the Ioniq 5 the ability to diagonally crab walk

To do this, the driver angles all four wheels 45 degrees. 

Diagonal crab walking is actually something the GMC Hummer EV can already do. 

While Hyundai’s teasing some pretty exciting technology, it won’t exactly be available any time soon. 

In fact, the South Korean company hasn’t revealed when its e-Corner technology will make it to market, if ever. 

In order to introduce the technology to its road cars, every car would require an ‘e-Corner module’ at each wheel. 

The module would combine steering, braking, suspension and drive systems into each wheel. 

Hyundai Mobis’ head of Future Technology Convergence Institute Cheon Jae-seung said their e-Corner technology was the future of mobility. 

“We will secure different types of customized mobility solutions that can be applied in autonomous driving and PBVs to solidify our vision of reaching new heights as a mobility platform provider,” he said. 



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